Steps to install Intercom in your Freshdesk account:

  1. Login to your Intercom account using admin credentials.
  2. Click on Profile icon.
  3. Click on Settings > Developers > Developer Hub
  4. Click on New App
    1. On the New App modal
      • In App name box enter Freshdesk
      • Select required Workspace
      • Select Internal integration radio button
      • Click Create app
  5. Freshdesk app is now created and will be visible on Your apps screen.
  6. From your apps list, click on ‘Freshdesk’ app.
  7. Click Authentication.
  8. Click on Edit.
  9. Under OAuth, click check box next to Use OAuth.
  10. In Redirect URLs enter
  11. Click on Save.
  12. From Basic information screen, copy Client ID and Client secret keys. You will need these keys to install Intercom in your Freshdesk account.
  13. Login to your Freshdesk account with admin credentials.
  14. Go to Admin > Apps > Get more Apps. Then locate Intercom Integration in the app gallery and click on Install.
  15. Enter Intercom Client ID and Client secret keys (refer to instructions in step 12) and click Continue.
  16. Enter your Intercom account credentials.
  17. Select the Intercom workspace you want to access from Freshdesk.
  18. Click Authorize access.
  19. Select Intercom data fields you want to view on Tickets details page and click on Install/Save.
  20. Now, you can view Intercom widget on the ticket sidebar in ticket details page.
  21. Click on  View Conversations in Intercom link to view conversation details associated with requester in Intercom.