Provide personalized support by viewing customers’ order details while on call.



Install the BigCommerce app for Freshcaller to access latest order information while on call with customers, so you can provide faster and more contextual support. You can configure the app to link upto two BigCommerce stores. Based on the callers’ phone number, orders will be searched in both the stores. 

The primary benefits of BigCommerce app for Freshcaller are:

  • Avoid switching between two apps while handling calls.
  • Analyse customers’ buying patterns over time by viewing their order history.
  • Improve agent productivity.



To install BigCommerce app

  1. Log in to your Freshcaller portal and head over to the Freshcaller product gallery using link https://*.freshcaller.com/admin/mkp-gallery
  2. Select ‘All’ in Browse by category and search for ‘BigCommerce’
  3. Once you choose BigCommerce, you will be redirected to the install page for the app.
  4. Login to your Bigcommerce account.
  5. Select Advanced Settings from the bottom left menu.
  6. Go to API Accounts on left menu.
  7. Click on Create API Account button and choose “Create V2/V3 API Token” to create an API.
  8. Enter Name for the API and click on Save button. 
  9. A file will be downloaded with the required credentials and use the credentials to install the app.
  10. Now, you can view your ‘Bigcommerce’ in Freshcaller.