View customer information from Pipedrive in Freshdesk and provide personalized customer support.


The Pipedrive app allows you to view complete customer information including details of ticket requester, associated Organisation and Deals from Pipedrive right within your Freshdesk ticket details page. If there is no Pipedrive entry for that customer, agents can simply create one with a single click.

Primary features of the app are:

1.    Select required Deal, Contact, and Organisation fields from Pipedrive you want to view in Freshdesk Ticket Details page and Contact page.

2.    The ‘Create Contact’ link creates a new contact inside Pipedrive.

3.    Under the Organisation, on clicking Company link, an agent can see company details and can create a new deal by clicking ‘Create Deal’ link.

4.    Make the most of the Pipedrive app to gather all customer information and provide personalized and targeted customer support.


1.    To integrate Pipedrive with Freshdesk, go to Admin > Apps > Get More Apps. Then locate the Pipedrive app in the app gallery and click on install.

2.    Login to your Pipedrive portal.

3.    Click on the user info icon present at the top right-hand side. Then click on "Tools and apps"


4.    Click on Settings > Personal Preferences  > API tab as shown below

5.    Copy the API key and paste it in your Freshdesk app installation page.

6.    Enter Pipedrive domain URL

7.    Click on Authenticate

8.    On the settings page, select the required Pipedrive Deal, Contact and Organisation Fields from the dropdown. You can select a maximum of 20 fields in each category.

9.    Click on INSTALL button.

10.    Now, you can view Pipedrive widget in your Freshdesk Ticket Details page and Contacts page.