Integration provides relevant caller information from Nimble to an agent while on a call.




If you ever wanted to view customer details from Nimble or create a new contact in Nimble while on a call, you now can with the help of the Nimble-Freshcaller integration app.


Primary features of the app are:



  • Retrieve contact details of Nimble customers and see it in an interactive widget in Freshcaller.
  • View latest ‘Notes’ from Nimble associated with the contact to gain more context while on call with a customer.
  • Create ‘Notes’ on call end with details of Caller ID, Notes, Call duration, Type of the call in Nimble.
  • Create a new Nimble entry without switching between apps.
  • Increases agent productivity.




To install Nimble app

  1. Log in to your Freshcaller portal and head over to the Freshcaller product gallery using link https://domain/admin/mkp-gallery
  2. Select ‘All’ in Browse by category and search ‘Nimble’ app.
  3. Once you choose Nimble, you will be redirected to the install page for the app.
  4. Login to your Nimble portal.
  5. Select User Settings from the top right drop down menu.
  6. Make sure API tokens is selected on left menu.
  7. Copy API token and Nimble domain from the URL and click Install.
  8. Now, you can view your ‘Nimble’ widget in Freshcaller.