Enhance customer support with access to Freshdesk tickets and Knowledge base articles within your Intercom Inbox.


  • Gain context by keeping a tab on all recent customer tickets.
  • View and access recent tickets associated with a customer to provide contextual support to the customer.
  • Create tickets in Freshdesk out of conversations from Intercom.
  • You can easily convert chat conversations to tickets and log them in Freshdesk to get assistance from the right team.
  • Quick access to an extensive knowledge base.
  • Look up relevant solution articles in your kbase to provide timely answers to customers.

Demo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUyYmrvJ5FU 

Installation Instructions:

  1. Locate Freshdesk app in your Intercom Inbox App store.
  2. Click on Install.
  3. Freshdesk Integration app will now visible in your Inbox widget. 
  4. Enter your Freshdesk Domain name and API key to authorize the app.
  5. Once authorization is completed successfully, in the app widget you can view customer's recent 2 tickets, options to create a new ticket and to search a solution article.
  6. Click on View More to view additional details on 4 recent tickets.
  7. You can click on a specific ticket to view details like Status, Priority, Group, Agent. To open selected ticket in Freshdesk, click on View in Freshdesk.
  8. To create a new ticket in Freshdesk, click on Create a ticket.
  9. Populate required ticket fields and click on Create.
    • Email – Requester email

    • Subject – Ticket subject

    • Description – Ticket description

    • Configure Email - created by email address to be used for this ticket. (i.e., support@yourcompany.com/sales@yourcompany.com)

    • Status – Status of the ticket

    • Priority – Priority of the ticket

  10. To search for a solution article, enter search key word and click the icon

  11. Solution articles that match the keyword will be displayed in the widget. Click on View All to access your Freshdesk Knowledgebase page.

  12. Click on required article from the list to view article details. You can click on View in Freshdesk, to view the article in your Freshdesk account.