The LogMeIn Rescue app allows your agents to provide instant remote support to customers and log session details back in Freshdesk/Freshchat.
Currently, LogMeIn Rescue supports only Windows users for using the Technician Console. The end-user can be in any platform

On installing LogMeIn app, the app should get rendered in a side bar. On clicking the app widget, ‘Generate New Session’ button should appear. On clicking ‘Generate New Session’, Pin code is generated and respective Pin code and session link to the LogMeIn is added to

the reply section. An agent can add email id as well as edit reply section. On clicking ‘Send’ button, agent is able to send information provided in reply section to the given email id’s.

To get Company id and set SSO password:

1. Log in to LogMeIn account with your credentials.

2. Click Menu -> Click Admin Center .

3. Click Global Settings.

4. Under Single Sign-On, select SSO Only radio button. Set Master SSO password and Confirm Master SSO password.

5. Scroll right and copy Company id from ASP.Net C# server side example hosted by the customer:

6. Scroll down and click Save.

Configuring agent account with LogMeIn:

1. Click Menu -> Click Admin Center -> Click Organization.

2. Under Technician group, click your profile name.

3. Fill Email (Any valid email id and should be differ than the one used for Single sign-on id), Single sign-on id (Email id associated with Freshdesk's/Freshchat account need to configure with LogMeIn app).

4. Make status as Enabled.

5. Scroll down and click Save.

Creating New Technician:

1. Under Administration Center, click Technician -> Technician group.

2. Fill Email (Any valid email id), Single sign-on id (Username of loggedin agentt need to configure with LogMeIn app).

3. Make status as Enable.

4. Scroll down and click Save.